Month: May 2020

Travellers site – Land Adjacent To and Rear Of Culhams Mill also referred to as rear of Rampiers.

Dear neighbours,

Firstly, in these strange times, our sincere wishes that you are all keeping safe.  If you know of anyone experiencing hardship and you think that there is a way that we can help then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

As the Bank Holiday approaches our discussions in the Calleva Society inevitably return to the potential for the traveller site at Culham’s Mill being re-occupied.  The High Court injunction, however, appears to remain a significant deterrent in preventing the owners from occupying the land until the planning process has fully run its course.  The land at Culham’s Mill is actually covered by two High Court injunctions.  The first has been taken out by the planning enforcement team and is site specific and the second has been taken out by the Environmental Health team at BDBC and covers a large swathe of land (including Silchester) across the Borough.  Whilst we are no lawyers, our understanding is that a breach of these injunctions would be regarded as contempt of court and has the potential for a custodial sentence.  We are informed that  the latter of the two injunctions also brings with it powers of immediate arrest. For the full  content of the Borough wide injunction go to

The Planning Inspectorate inquiry date was originally set for this coming June but, given the current situation with Covid 19, it is unsurprising that is has been put back to 29th September 2020.  Nonetheless, we continue to liaise with BDBC on a regular basis and we are confident that they will put forward a strong case on our behalf.  As always, if you do see any activity at the site please do let us know as soon as possible so that we can inform the appropriate authorities.  Feel free to call Simon on 07769 684283

Kind Regards

Steve Spillane, Simon Mahaffey and the team.

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