Month: March 2021

Postponement of the hearing update

As if the never ending saga of the Traveller encampment wasn’t frustrating enough, we have just received an email from the Planning Inspector informing us that the hearing originally planned for the 27th/28th of April will be postponed.

The reason for this is that the Inspector feels that she needs to be able to see the site personally and that current Covid restriction mean that this will not be possible until after June 21st. As such she is proposing that the hearing should be heard some time in July by which time it is hoped that all restrictions will be lifted. Further details can be found at Inspectorate’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance.

At this stage it looks like the hearing will still be held in Silchester Village Hall but we can only await further confirmation from the Inspector. In the meantime, we still encourage you all to get in any last minute objections as per our previous emails.

Very frustrating, but after four years of continual postponement this is something we are now very used to. We will keep you posted of any further developments

Steve Spillane and Simon Mahaffey.

Calleva Society