Month: May 2018

Help Ranil Jayawardena to Help Us

I need your help again!

I’ve been written to by many constituents complaining of trespassing, littering and harassment by unauthorised traveller encampments. I, like them, have been continually frustrated by the lack of authority that the Police have to deal with complaints such as these – resulting in hardworking citizens suffering because some travellers seem above the law.

Enough is enough. I want to put a stop to this discrimination – against the silent majority – but I need your help. I have launched a petition to change the laws that are protecting these unauthorised encampments and give powers back to the local authorities so that they are able to deal with them in the right way, without feeling muted and trapped by legislation.

To show the Government how important this issue is, I need as many people to sign my petition as possible. It worked to stop the ill-considered South Western Railway proposals – let’s hope it will work for this important issue also.

Please sign and share with as many friends and family as you can. It’s time for a change!

Sign the petition!