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Calleva society update July 2019

Simon has been elected as the Basingstoke and Deane Borough Councillor for the Pamber and Silchester Ward and has resigned as Chairman of Silchester Parish Council in order to spend the time required on the Borough job.

Simon recently attended a meeting in Sherfield Park where the subject of discussion was a recently authorised traveller pitch at Dixon Road, Sherfield on Loddon. see link below

The history of the Dixon road site was similar to our site in Silchester insofar as the site was unlawfully occupied over a weekend (including the destruction of over 200 trees) and then a retrospective planning application was submitted to BDBC. The application was for a three caravan site however, after being turned down by the planning officers at Basingstoke, a revised application for one caravan (plus an associated day room) was submitted. The revised application was also turned down by the local planning team. The concerning thing, however, is that the application was
then approved when it went to appeal at the planning inspectorate. The Inspector cited the fact that Basingstoke and Deane have, thus far, failed to deliver on the traveller sites that have been allocated within the Local Plan. Although regrettable, this failure is not actually the fault of the Council as it is reliant upon local developers to bring forward the developments that have been proposed and approved. As it stands, these sites are not on track and subsequently the Inspector found in favour of the applicant.

The potential impact of this finding on the Silchester application is undoubtedly a matter of some concern. Simon has been discussing this with planning advisers and we remain confident that the Silchester site still has several significant planning reasons that make it unsuitable for planning
approval. We understand that the planning inspectorate is currently short of Inspectors which is causing a significant backlog in cases being brought forward for hearing. At this stage we remain uncertain about when the appeal against the enforcement at Silchester site will be heard. In the
meantime, it appears that the Silchester site has been closed back up again with an earth mound having been replaced across the entrance.

Whilst Simon was representing the Calleva Society at the meeting it was encouraging to note that it was also attended by five other Borough Councillors and one Hampshire County Councillor. This gives some indication of how significantly the issue of traveller settlements in Basingstoke has risen up the agenda and the Council are working hard on attempting to bring planned sites forward for development.

We will continue to monitor the Silchester site as well as other developments in the Borough and keep you informed if things change.

Finally we have submitted our claim for costs of the cancelled appeal against the planning determination and await the outcome……….

Simon Mahaffey & Steve Spillane
Calleva Society

Calleva Society Update December 2018

Travellers site – Land Adjacent To And Rear Of Culhams Mill

Dear Resident,

We have lodged our application for costs against the Travellers for the costs of the appeal they withdrew. We are now waiting for the Planning Inspectorate to make a decision. We are also waiting for the Planning Inspectorate to set the date for the outstanding appeal hearing against the enforcement notices served by Basingstoke and Deane Brough Council. We do not know how long the Planning Inspectorate  process will take except to say they are not known for doing anything quickly.

The good news is that the High Court Injunction is still in place and the site is not currently occupied.

We will let you have any news as we get it.

May we take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year.


Steve Spillane, Simon Mahaffey and the team.

Calleva Society

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Calleva Society Update November 2018

Travellers site –
Site Address: Land Adjacent To And Rear Of Culhams Mill, Little London Road,
Silchester , Hampshire, RG7 2PP

Dear Resident.

As you may have heard the Travellers have withdrawn the appeal against the planning decision. The recent letter, some of you who had submitted objections received, from Basingstoke and Deane (BDBC) suggested that the process was finished with the withdrawal. This is not the case as they still have the appeal against the Enforcement notice issued by BDBC.

One of the outcomes of the appeal against the Enforcement notice is that they could be given permission for a development on the site by the planning Inspector. All the work we have done on our submissions for the withdrawn appeal will be valid for the Enforcement appeal. We are particularly grateful to the residents who have anonymously provided details of their experiences with the travellers during the period they occupied the site and would be interested to hear from anybody else who had contact with them.

We do not have any dates for the Enforcement appeal and hope to hear dates before Christmas with possible hearing date being in the Spring 2019. As soon as we hear anything further we will let you know.

We are putting in an application for costs for the withdrawn appeal which will be decided in Principle by the Planning Inspectorate. If we are awarded costs, we then put in claims against the travellers for the money we have spent so far. We are not very confident of receiving anything but feel we should go through the process and look forward to possibly being surprised!

Thank you all of you who have donated to our funds and we have sufficient funds to cover us for the Enforcement appeal but are still accepting donations to cover contingency.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us at

Steve Spillane and Simon Mahaffey

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Planning Appeal and Hearing Cancelled

Town and Country Planning Act 1990
Appeal by Mr William Connor
Site Address: Land Adjacent To And Rear Of Culhams Mill, Little London Road,
Silchester , Hampshire, RG7 2PP

Dear Resident.

The Travellers have withdrawn their appeal against the planning application non-determination, which means the hearing scheduled for the 4th of December has been cancelled. They have not withdrawn their appeal against the enforcement notice which is waiting for a hearing date to be set.

It does not mean they have given up and we are not sure how this fits in to any game plan they may have. We are still waiting for details of their appeal against the enforcement notice.

The land is currently not occupied as the High Court Injunction Basingstoke and Deane with our assistance obtained is still in force.

We will let you have further information as we get it.

Steve Spillane and Simon Mahaffey

Calleva Society

September 2018 Update

The application for a residential Traveller caravan site on the land off Culhams Mill, Little London Road, Silchester is due to be heard at appeal by the planning inspectorate on the 4th of December 2018 and is scheduled for eight days.

The Calleva Society has registered as a “Rule 6 party” so we can play a major role in the hearing and be party to all the submissions.

The Society has also sent a detailed email to the Societies email list outlining the appeal process and the events to date. Some of this is currently confidential and we do not want to put in the public domain at this stage. If you would like a copy of this email please contact us at

Steve Spillane  Chairman Calleva Society