Month: November 2018

Calleva Society Update November 2018

Travellers site –
Site Address: Land Adjacent To And Rear Of Culhams Mill, Little London Road,
Silchester , Hampshire, RG7 2PP

Dear Resident.

As you may have heard the Travellers have withdrawn the appeal against the planning decision. The recent letter, some of you who had submitted objections received, from Basingstoke and Deane (BDBC) suggested that the process was finished with the withdrawal. This is not the case as they still have the appeal against the Enforcement notice issued by BDBC.

One of the outcomes of the appeal against the Enforcement notice is that they could be given permission for a development on the site by the planning Inspector. All the work we have done on our submissions for the withdrawn appeal will be valid for the Enforcement appeal. We are particularly grateful to the residents who have anonymously provided details of their experiences with the travellers during the period they occupied the site and would be interested to hear from anybody else who had contact with them.

We do not have any dates for the Enforcement appeal and hope to hear dates before Christmas with possible hearing date being in the Spring 2019. As soon as we hear anything further we will let you know.

We are putting in an application for costs for the withdrawn appeal which will be decided in Principle by the Planning Inspectorate. If we are awarded costs, we then put in claims against the travellers for the money we have spent so far. We are not very confident of receiving anything but feel we should go through the process and look forward to possibly being surprised!

Thank you all of you who have donated to our funds and we have sufficient funds to cover us for the Enforcement appeal but are still accepting donations to cover contingency.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us at

Steve Spillane and Simon Mahaffey

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