Update 28 July 2017

Update 28 July 2017
I have just spoken to Borough in relation to the Traveller site. They have now got a revised court date of 19th September 2017 in the High Court in London. The purpose of this hearing will be to review an application from the Travellers for variation of the injunction to allow them residential status on the site.
The enforcement team continue to visit the site and are updating the legal notices that have been posted. The original caravans that populated the site (including a large mobile home and a large wooden shed) have been removed and the remaining caravans appear to be derelict and unoccupied. However, it does appear that one new residential caravan has arrived on site recently and, although I cannot anticipate the views of the Court, I would have thought that this is a clear contravention of the injunction following it having been served for the second time. The enforcement team will be raising this issue with their legal team shortly.
The planning application remains incomplete although some additional correspondence has been received from the applicants agent. It is not clear to me if, or when, the planning department will decide that the applicant has been given enough time to complete the application but they assure me it is something that is being discussed with their legal department.
The Parish Council have submitted Speedwatch data to the council which we believe shows that the Little London road cannot safely sustain further development in that area and the evidence appears to show that the junction going down to the site is actually an accident black spot.
I will update you with any further news that I can.
Best regards
Simon Mahaffey
Silchester Parish Council

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