PC Traveller site update 9 May 2017

PC Traveller site update 9 May 2017
The latest update from enforcement officers at Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council is that regular
visits have continued to the site to assess the current situation. This has allowed officers to observe
the site and ensure that copies of the injunction remain positioned on the site as required by the
High Court. It has also allowed officers to gain greater details about all the residents on site, which
has resulted in visits by the Traveller Liaison Officer.
Legal matters are still progressing; the travellers are now seeking to vary the terms of the injunction
to allow them residential use. Enforcement officers are working with the Borough Council legal
team in relation to this application.
The site will continue to be monitored over the forthcoming months to record whether the
injunction is complied with, and if necessary compile evidence for the Courts. Officers will update
the Parish Council further in relation to the variation of the injunction and updates about the site at
key points.
Best regards
Maxta Thomas
Clerk to Silchester Parish Council
Telephone – 0118 981 5131

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